A word from the chair of the board and the executive director

Brigitte Samson
Patsy Joncas

Mission accomplished! Goal achieved!

These two expressions bear witness to what has been achieved over the past year at the Foundation!

Always concerned with pursuing its mission of supporting school perseverance among young people living in low-income housing, the Foundation took off again this year by closing its first major campaign, having raised more than its goal of 2 million over 5 years. With these sums collected, we will be able to perpetuate and improve the offer of scholarships and support for the development of young people for the next five years.

The Foundation believes that the desire to study develops early in childhood and that local community settings are often the best places to support academic learning and child development. These organizations work directly in communities with young people to stimulate and strengthen their academic skills, develop learning methods and make parents aware of the success of their children. In addition to providing children with healthy snacks, they promote their development through creative, cultural and sports activities.

In addition, on the strength of its major campaign, the Foundation wanted to take more action on social inequalities by adding a brand new program aimed at reducing the “digital divide” for families in low-income housing. Indeed, the recent pandemic has highlighted the great difficulties for these families to offer their children the optimal conditions for academic success, in particular through adequate technological means. Thanks to the generous donations received during the major campaign, this program provides concrete access to free high-speed Internet to nearly 150 families. The addition of this new program is therefore well underway and will take root over the next year.

It is with optimism that this last year ends and that we undertake the development of the next strategic plan which will take place in the coming months.

We would like to express our gratitude to our donors who have generously responded to the call, otherwise we would not have been able to achieve such great strides for young people. Together, let’s pursue the goal of giving young people the best chance of succeeding!

Brigitte Samson, President of the board of directors

Patsy Joncas, Executive director 

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© 2021 Copyright, All Rights Reserved, Fondation La Clé

© 2021 Copyright, All Rights Reserved, Fondation La Clé