Our investments

The Foundation targets its investments towards actions having a lasting impact within the community, and more particularly on the lives of young Montrealers living in OMHM housing.

We constantly adapt our investment strategy to align not only with the most promising solutions, but also to work within those neighbourhoods where the challenges of staying in school are most problematic.

In doing so, we are fortunate to count on the expertise of privileged partners, in particular the OMHM and the network of organizations working in OMHM communities.

Our scholarship program

The Foundation encourages the pursuit of an academic path to students who are in Secondary 3 and up, the level at which the school dropout rate is the highest. In partnership with Educaid’s Persevera scholarship program, the Foundation awards scholarships to students until they reach Secondary 5, to encourage them to obtain a first diploma. In doing so, the Foundation demonstrates the confidence it places in the success of its beneficiaries.


The Foundation works hand-in-hand with organizations working in various OMHM communities. Together, we seek to identify and invest in the key issues related to school perseverance. By investing in the most relevant projects, the Foundation aspires to strengthen the action of on-site organizations and create a lasting impact on the lives of the kids we support.

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© 2021 Copyright, All Rights Reserved, Fondation La Clé

© 2021 Copyright, All Rights Reserved, Fondation La Clé